Arakun's Organic and Ethical Range

Posted by Catherine Charest on

Arakun is the Algonquian Native American word for raccoon. It is from my part of the world and resonated with me as an animal totem for the clothing label.

Ingenious, mischievous, stylish, the arakun’s a bit rebel, very clever, works with nature, uses his paws as hands, creates and invent what he needs. This animal is an example of the symbiosis with Mother Earth.

We can produce with the least impact on Nature.

We can wear clothes that are good for us especially for fragile children’s growing bodies.

Our clothes can be made in fair conditions at the least and in turn create wonders for communities.

The fiber, the dyes and the material used don’t have to be harmful to the Earth.

We can buy less but buy better quality.

We can wash with natural soap and keep our garments longer.

We can put our natural clothes in the compost. They disappear.

We can package products in starch based ‘’plastic’’ bags.

We can create beauty; Timeless pieces that reflects thousand of years of knowledge of clever techniques.

We can create greatness for our world and participate consciously knowing we are a whole. What we do and think affects us all.

We can live to love ourselves and our Planet

Because we can I want to do it! It’s a journey, it’s not perfect, it’s against the grain but the intention is grounded. The road taken. I want for you to be able to purchase such products.

Our children deserve to see the green of the land and the sun rising. Our children deserve to wear the best quality, the most healthy of fabric and dyes. To look good and free to be who they are.

When you buy you deserve to know and have the chance to purchase and do good, to have amazing clever designs and prints to choose from. To know the garment hasn’t caused harm, that your children are happy and safe.

We deserve to have fun and make meaningful things. Because that’s what fills our heart and our souls.

We have taken an unsustainable route now we can choose another one, make this a great journey for everyone not just ourselves. We are the change, we can wear the change!

Cat xo