Looking after our little cubs!

We have created beautiful, laid back and 100% natural apparels to keep our precious ones healthy and happy!

We apologise in advance if your child doesn't want to remove its Arakun's clothes... Its a common feedback that the children are just so damn comfy in our special extra soft organic cotton dyed using botanical that they want to live in it for few days!

It might results in some less washing for you which we believe you'll thank us for! 

Natural dyes do require to be washed with a gentle non bleach detergent. Please keep all your Arakun's aside and wash them together in cold water with a detergent for delicate fabrics.

As a mum I know we are busy and this could sound like an extra load.

But I guarantee it become easy. It is so worthwhile considering the amount of chemicals that are in the dyes of children's clothing today!

Kids are the future and they deserve the best!

Wishing you health and happiness


Owner/creator of Louv and arakun