Mermaid Doll, Assorted

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These dolls are just adorable. They are a favorite amongst children and parents alike!

Because they are all unique you might find yourself wanting to collect a few.

Behind these beauties there's an incredible project.

They are designed and produced by Yayasan Kasi Peduli Anak, an non-governmental organization that care and foster street children, street school, disadvantage communities, remote villages, elders, women with HIV etc.

The dolls are made of cotton thread and up-cycled fabric. They are handmade in the village which gives women in need a fair income and empowerment.

The dolls are a major source of financement for all the projects runned by

Such a great gift!

Note that because they are all different we can't offer the option to select a specific one. Be assured the doll will be gorgeous

Measurement: about 24cm long