Goddess Uli Natural Bra in Stardust Indigo

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  • Long gone are the days of the constrictive and toxic bras!!

We now have a variety of soft bras options but many are still made of toxic fabric or foam.

Did you know that most of the synthetic fabrics are petroleum based and the dyes used are nothing but a toxic cocktail?

Our skin absorbs all these toxins hence why it is important to wear natural clothing as much as possible.

Bras are tight on our skin, we sweat in it and we keep them on for an extended period of time and that's why choosing the most natural bra is a must!

We are so happy to be offering you a truly beautiful, comfortable and natural bra!

It feels like a second skin. You can wear it as a crop top as well!

-Large band at the back.

-Adjustable crossed back straps.

-Stretch Fabric for comfort.

-We use Tencel fabric which is extremely soft, light, breathable, eco-friendly and non toxic.

-Our dyes are handmade using botanical only.

-All our prints are created by hand using real leaves or diverse techniques (steam, tied-dye, dip dye, etc)

- Every pieces will be unique because of that process.

We work with small family owned businesses that process only non toxic organic materials, that give fair wages and that look after their employees.


92% Tencel (Lyocell) & 8% Lycra (Spandex)


Small: Chest 30 cm, Breast 19 cm

Medium: Chest 32 cm, Breast 20 cm

Large: Chest 33 cm, Breast 21 cm


Please handle and wash with care. Botanical dyes need to be washed in cold water with a gentle non bleach detergent ( silk and delicate detergent or similar) and hang in the shade to dry.


Louv is a purpose driven label! We create products that generate maximal positive ripple effect...from start to finish!

Thank you for being part of this movement who is creating a better world, who is demanding soulful products embeded with true beauty and that is sustainable and fair for all!

With Gratitude,